Disco Docs


What goes into a Disco profile?
An example Disco Profile with Account Links, and credentials.
With Disco, you can add more profile information, including a display name or nickname, bio, and profile picture!
You’ll also be able to link your social accounts from Twitter, Discord, or even a DNS domain. We often refer to this as account linkages.
By doing so, you’re strengthening your profile, and this will prove that you’re the unique person to own your account usernames, aliases, etc. The stronger the profile becomes, the easier it becomes to establish trust with other people, communities, and services.
As you begin to collect credentials, they’ll start to appear here under your Data Backpack. In this data backpack, you’ll be able to control who can see these credentials (public vs. private).
In each credential, you'll be able to see details like:
  • Issuer Details
  • Date Issued
  • Attestation/Proof/Achievement
Remember that this is all signed cryptographically and unique to your wallet.