🖌️Customize Credential Branding


To customize your credential branding, you need to be an Issuer. If you are not yet an Issuer, visit the Disco Issuer Dashboard and create an account.

If you are a Holder and would like to create a data backpack, visit Disco Data Backpack Web App.

Customize Your Credential Branding

You can customize the look and feel of credentials to reflect your branding. To change the branding,

  • Go to the Branding section under Settings, on the left sidebar navigation

You can customize the following:

  • Company name or Your name: This is your issuer display name

    • Please note that if you are on a Free account, your name will end with a suffix -test. Free accounts are for testing purposes only.

  • Logo URL: The URL link of your profile image.

  • Brand Color: The color used for the background of the credential

  • Background Image: the URL link of the background image or gif

    • Your background image has to be hosted on a third-party website.

  • Text Color: The color used for the main text

Need help? Reach out in our Discord here.

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