Welcome to Disco

Empowering Your Digital Identity in the Metaverse!

In today's digital world, managing scattered data across various platforms has become increasingly complex. Disco.xyz offers a groundbreaking solution by introducing the concept of the "data backpack" – a virtual repository where users can consolidate their online presence seamlessly. With Disco.xyz, you can curate a personalized "Lens Profile" that reflects your digital persona, giving you control over what information is included and ensuring privacy and autonomy.

At Disco.xyz, we believe in the principle of Self-Sovereign Identity, putting you in charge of your data. You decide how your information is used and shared, empowering you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Furthermore, Disco.xyz goes beyond data management by seamlessly integrating your information with experiences in the Web3 space, providing a holistic approach to digital identity management in the metaverse.

Join us as we redefine digital identity management and empower individuals to take control of their online presence. With Disco.xyz, you're not just a user – you're the architect of your digital destiny. Welcome to a new era of empowerment and control in the metaverse. Welcome to Disco.xyz.

Disco Vision

A world where you can show up anywhere and enjoy a personalized experience based on the parts of yourself you choose to share. We believe the core pieces of this major shift include:

  • Autonomy: People should be able to control their data.

  • Consent: People should consent to how their data is shared.

  • Interoperability: Data should be logically centralized around its subject, and interoperable anywhere.

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