🎒Data Backpacks

Your personal Disco Data Backpack

A backpack IRL carries all the items you need to go about your day, traveling through physical space.

Disco's Data Backpack makes it easy for users to control data that describes them, and to present and collect that data as they travel through digital space. Create a backpack at app.disco.xyz 🎒

Disco's Data Backpack is a bring-your-own-keys web app that allows you to send and receive signed data, and to control the data written about you using your existing crypto wallet and keys you already control. Disco is currently optimized for compatibility with leading Ethereum wallet providers.

Consider the characteristics of a backpack - its contents can be accessed and put away securely as needed. In the same way, Disco enables users to control their data in the form of credentials.

For more about setting up your data backpack, skip ahead here.

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