⚙️Disco SDK: Selective Disclosure



Selective disclosure allows you to request credentials from your users in a secure and trust-preserving way without them having to leave your platform

How it works?

For the user, it's a three step-process:

  1. Every disclosure requires the user to sign-in to verify ownership

  2. It triggers a modal which ensures the user has a secure environment in which to select credentials

  3. After selecting credentials, they have to sign and disclose their credentials.

When you determine the credentials needed, the modal UI will inform the user which credentials and how many are required


Demo of how selective disclosure can be used in your platform

  • Example used is when a user needs to disclose 3 GM credentials

Example Use Cases

Access the Metaverse

With selective disclosure, developers can create premium metaverse experiences that are more accessible and secure for end users. For example, if a user wants to access a premium metaverse experience, but is required to meet specific requirements, they can share the required credentials in a secure way without the need to leave the platform. Therefore, reducing user friction.

dApp Access Control

Selective disclosure empowers developers to create more seamless and privacy-preserving dApp access experiences for users. For example, a user can use selective disclosure to prove they have the necessary credentials to access a dApps such as a decentralized exchange or a play-to-earn game. A user would only need to disclosure their KYC credential with a decentralized exchange to prove they are over the age of 18.

Visual Overview

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