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Data Backpacks

Your personalized Disco Data Backpack
Imagine a data backpack that contains different identification cards representing your memberships, affiliations, licenses, education certificates, or any other non-financial aspects of your personal data.
Consider the characteristics of a backpack - its contents can be accessed and put away securely as needed. In the same way, Disco enables users to own their personal data in the form of credentials. Users can selectively present these credentials to verifiers such as institutions and employers to access specific content and prove their identity. With Disco, users can control their data and use it to their advantage.
This is made possible through cryptographic proofs that are processed within milliseconds. No blockchain writing or cryptocurrency purchase is necessary, and we take security seriously. Rest assured that we will not ask for your seed phrase or require you to sign any harmful messages.
Consider the possibilities of easily unlocking access with simple presentation and verification steps:
  • Automated job applications through online course verification.
  • Create content, Discord channels, or merchandise unlocked by credentials instead of purchasing tokens or NFTs.
  • Say goodbye to forms
We get it, you’re excited. If you want to skip the reading and set up your backpack now, check out Getting Started.