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This is an ongoing list of Partner Apps we've integrated with
Last updated: May 2, 2023


GM! We’re so pleased to announce that we have shipped our first integration with Guild! You can NOW extend the power of token-gating your community with verifiable credentials, which are completely free and all off-chain!
You can read more about guild here.


By integrating Disco and Guild.xyz, you can now easily:
  • Using Verifiable Credentials, you can now gate any of the following (see instructions that follow):
  • Use AND/OR logic to extend on-chain checks to customize roles and access restrictions even further (NFT ownership, DAO Membership, etc).

Join our Guild​​

Check if you have access to join our very first pilot guild here.
If you have an OfficialDisconautCredential marked public, you should be able to access a private Google Doc, Github Repo, and get a role in our Discord Server.
Leave us a surprise, don't be shy!

Extending This​​

Imagine the endless possibilities!
You can use the AND/OR logic to extend requirements such as a credential and:
  • Another type of VC.
  • Must follow an account on Twitter
  • Must have X amount of an ERC-20 Token
  • Must hold an NFT.
We’ll also be adding more schemas soon. For additional requests and questions you may have, reach out to us at: [email protected].

District Labs

Using District Labs' new Delegatable framework, we can now gate access to on-chain logic with checking for Verifiable Credentials.
See this demo here to mint a limited edition NFT if you have an Official Disconaut Credential.