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Creating your Data Backpack 🎒


Please make sure you’ve completed the setup steps in Part 1 here before proceeding!

The following steps will help you set up your Data Backpack for the first time. If you set up a profile, fill out some fields, and link at least one account, you’ll receive an Official Disconaut Credential just for onboarding!

Profile Setup (~5 min)

Setup: Go to on your browser 💻

Enter the password from your invite. If you didn’t get one, please reach out to us at:

Click on the Create My Data Backpack button.

1. Connect your wallet & create your Data Backpack 🎒

Click on Connect Wallet.

On Desktop: If you have Metamask installed, please ensure it’s connected with the right account.

On Mobile: If you are on mobile, the WalletConnect modal should pop out. Search for Metamask or whatever wallet application you use (Rainbow, etc) and click Connect.

Next, you’ll link your 3ID. You'll see the following popout modal.

Click on Create a new ID (if this is your first time creating your backpack). If you have already created a Data Backpack, click on Connect to existing ID.

Sign the MetaMask request to confirm the connection.

Sign the MetaMask request again to link your address to the Data Backpack. That was two signages!


Signing these two Metamask requests is completely safe and will not access any funds in your wallet. The first signature allows Disco to access the decentralized identifier you just made. The second allows Disco to link your wallet to your decentralized ID, which will complete the creation of your Data Backpack!

After a few seconds and you don’t see your screen changes, refresh your browser. Or click on your avatar in the top right of the nav bar, and go to "View Profile"

Now that you’ve signed in with your address and created your backpack, it’s time to add some data. We can start by either adding a Twitter handle or Discord account.

To link a Twitter Account:

  1. Type your twitter handle and click Link

  2. Click on Sign button to sign via your MetaMask to link your Twitter account to your identifier

  3. Follow the instructions to copy the tweet and post the Disco verification Tweet. This tweet creates a provable link between your identifier and your twitter account. In other words, by linking this Tweet, it proves you have custody of this account at the given time.

  4. Once you've tweeted, click on Confirm to confirm this linkage.

To link a Discord Account:

  1. Type your discord handle along with the tag (username#1234) and click on Link

  2. Click on Sign button to sign via your MetaMask to link your Discord account to your identifier

  3. To prove that you have custody/control of this Discord account, you need to share a message on our server. To do this:

    This message creates a provable link between your identifier and your discord account. The verifier bot will respond with an attestation link, copy that link and paste it in the text box to confirm!

  4. Click on Confirm to confirm this linkage.

That’s it! You successfully linked you Discord account to your Backpack.

Click on the View My Data Backpack button to return to your profile page.

3. Edit your profile 📝

Now that you have a Data Backpack, you can start earning credentials! Keep reading to learn how you can unlock an Official Disconaut Credential for completing onboarding.

Assuming you already linked an account in the previous step, start customizing your Backpack by adding a bio and a profile pic.

First, click on the Edit Profile button.

Type to enter a Display Name. This can be an alias, identifier, nickname, or name that you go by. Don’t worry, you can change this any time.

Add an image URL of your profile picture by:

  • Going to your twitter profile page or banner image.
  • Clicking on your profile image
  • Right clicking on the image to display a menu. Then, select Copy Image Address

Finish up by writing a short bio, and Click on Save button to Save!

This marks completion of onboarding! Before we grab the champagne to celebrate, let’s claim the official credential!

4. Claiming your official Disconaut credential

Alright, it’s finally time. Once you’ve completed the steps in onboarding, you’ll unlock this banner.

Click Claim Disconaut Credential to claim your credential. Refresh the page, and you’ll be able to see it in the inbox!

5. You’re an official Disconaut! 🧑🏼‍🚀🧑🏾‍🚀🧑‍🚀

Go to View Profile by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the nav bar.

In the Credential section, you should see the Official Disconaut credential issued to you upon completing onboarding. You can click the eye to toggle this to be publicly viewable for others to see. This will make it show up in the “Public” inbox as well.

Congrats!! We did it! Now you can grab that champagne glass! 🎉🥂

Next Steps

  • Want to learn more? Read our FAQs to learn about the basics.
  • Need help or want to partner? Let us know here.
  • And lastly, tell us what you think about Disco Profiles by filling out this form.