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Link a domain

Linking a website or domain may be especially helpful if you're an organization or business.


Click on Link a Domain. This can be found in Profile Settings as well.
To start, type your domain and click on Next.
Click on Sign button to sign via your MetaMask to link your Discord account to your identifier
To prove that you have custody/control of this domain/DNS, you'll need to add your DID in your TXT record in your DNS provider such as Namecheap, GoDaddy, Google Domains.
You may administrative priviledges in your particular DNS provider to do this.
In the following example, I am using Google Domains to add a new TXT record (under DNS Settings >> Default Name Spaces) with my DID.
Go back to Disco, check the box once you've added the TXT record and click Verify. It may take a few minutes for DNS changes to propagate, so be patient. That's it!