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🏛️ Disco Pro

Disco Pro offers capabilities for groups, organizations, and builders at scale.


Disco Pro enables programmatically credential issuance, signed by keys you control. Disco Pro supports credential issuance at scale, appropriate for partners who plan to issue 200 or more credentials per month.
Disco will roll out additional features and capabilities in the coming months.

Account Creation

You need a Disco Pro account to allow you, as the issuer, to sign credentials with keys that you control.

Account Creation Steps

  1. 1.
    Head over to dashboard.disco.xyz​
  2. 2.
    Connect Wallet
  3. 3.
    Enter a name for your Disco Pro account. This name will be used as your Issuer ID.
Tip: If you're not affiliated with an organization or company, use a name that matches your project's name.
Setting up your Disco Pro account

Issuer ID Format

Your Issuer Account will have the following format: did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/{your-org-alias}
It will be resolvable at https://api.disco.xyz/v1/{your-org-alias}/.well-known/did.json. For example:
"@context": [
"id": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/{your-org-alias}",
"verificationMethod": [
"id": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/{your-org-alias}#8f12a117-459a-4945-a93e-b1b5229a82f7",
"type": "EcdsaSecp256k1VerificationKey2019",
"controller": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/{your-org-alias}",
"publicKeyHex": "0417ae31be71e2c3d102df7f64b7b59d8a08d7b18d4236e0af4888f8b8e7ec0a9c66abf4b364d43f85bff81169c5a0e834ef00cc946f220e59c1e2370d76578cdf"
"authentication": [
"assertionMethod": [
"keyAgreement": [],
"service": []