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What is Disco?

High Level: Disco is identity simplified.
Disco is a digital identity data backpack where you can stash your private data in a way that’s owned and controlled by you.

Our Focus

  • Interoperability: We are chain-agnostic and you can take your portable credentials anywhere.
  • Privacy: You are given the tools to consent to how information is shared and with whom. PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data is never committed to public blockchains.
  • Autonomy: You as the user, should be able to control your own data.

Identity as it is today

The Problem:
Currently, data and identity in the public internet are owned by incumbents and third-party companies. Every account created is tied to a separate service, and all user preferences and purchases are stored in data silos, potentially being sold. The current identity model involves using a unique username and password for each service, which can be difficult to keep track of, and users do not have ownership over their data. Sharing data with everyone is problematic, costly, and exploitative.
Our Solution:
We believe that introducing yourself should be seamless in physical and digital reality. With Disco, you’ll be able to own your own identity and reflect yourself in the exact way you want, with maximum consent. In other words, only allowing companies/entities to see your data with your permission. Learn more about Data Backpacks in How it Works.
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