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Gating a Telegram Chat with Guild


Let's see just how easy it is to get started using Disco and Guild to gate a Telegram Chat..
In the following steps, we'll walk you through gating access to a Telegram Chat if the users have an OfficialDisconautCredential issued during onboarding. (Full steps and instructions on creating a data backpack here).
Note: Users will be required to mark their credential as public so that the API will be able to query it. This is like implicit consent ;)


Visit guild.xyz, and click Create a Guild.
Choose Telegram as the designated platform. Be sure that your wallet is connected and you've signed a message to verify ownership.
First, be sure that you have a Telegram Group ready to gate. You'll add the Guild bot to the chat in Telegram, and enter the group ID including the dash in the beginning. Example: -953090436
Add Integration.
Let’s make it so that we only grant access to people with a certain type of Credential in their Disco Data Backpack. Click on Add Requirements. Under the List of Integrations, select Disco.
Add the Credential Requirement.
Under Credential Type, you’ll need to fill in the exact type of Credential you’d like to be checking for. Ensure that you type the exact credential the way it’s spelled: OfficialDisconautCredential, MembershipCredential and optionally, the Issuer DID!
We'll check for the OfficialDisconautCredential below.
Hit Save, and now you have a community gating resources by Verifiable Credentials! You can now distribute this link, and people can check if they have access by connecting their wallet.
Last modified 4mo ago