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What's Next?

Here are some ideas that you can do now that you’ve issued Membership Credentials to your organization.

App & Communication Access Control

Your membership credentials can be used as access control for various aspects of your community, including:
  • Telegram channels
  • Discord channels
  • Github repositories
  • Google collaboration tools
With Disco, you can enhance access control by combining membership credentials with on-chain tokens. This allows you to create specific access rules that require a user to hold both the credentials and tokens.
For example, you could set a condition where a user must have 1 ETH, 1 membership credential, and 10 GM credentials in their data backpack to access a particular Discord channel.

On-Chain Access Control

With the help of your community's membership credentials, you can also enable specific blockchain logic. This involves creating smart contract interactions that are restricted to individuals who hold the credential, or a combination of off-chain credentials and on-chain tokens.
For instance, you can create an NFT mint that is accessible only to members who possess your community's membership credential.

e-Commerce Access Control

Your community’s membership credentials can unlock access to exclusive merchandise and e-commerce discounts with Shopify stores.


Check out our GM Leaderboard. This counts your # of public GMs, and stack ranks against your friendly Disconauts!

IRL Access Control & Fair Voting

Coming soon.
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