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Getting Started

If you are a leader of a DAO, or a community, or any organization you’d like to issue Membership Credentials, please continue reading this.


To get started, you'll need to create a new data backpack following the instructions for all users.
Note: you may want to create a new wallet separate from your personal one, or use your existing organization's wallet - this is at your own discretion!

Creating your Organization

To unlock custom organization features (Batch Issuance, Custom Credentials), you’ll need to request to become an organization with your Disco Profile.
To do this, fill out this form.
Then, Disco will issue an Organizational Credential to your DID, which will allow you to access special features for organizations.

Creating Custom Credentials

You can customize several parts of the visual branding of any credential sent by your DID.
Navigate to Edit Profile > Branding where you can customize your organization's credentials, including brand and text color, logo url and background image.
Need help? Reach out in our Discord here.

Last modified 4mo ago