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Data Model

A deep dive into the data components in Disco Data Backpacks


A User on the Disco platform is the holder and owner of its own identity. A User can be an individual or an organization. User have an Ethereum Address that used with their wallet for access to their Credentials. Users may, or may not, have a www domain and/or Ethereum Name Service (ENS) linked to their identity.
A Persona is a set of attributes that describes a User in a particular context. Currently Disco supports one Persona per User (extendable to N Personas per User in future releases). A Persona may have multiple DIDs and account Linkages assigned.
An example of a User document:
"id": "de0eae21-b88f-4f22-ad92-7ed99f7ea05c",
// Unique user ID assigned by Disco
"user": {
"id": "ae541371-590b-4dba-b783-5cde41cc0d3c"
// The User's DID(s) - most users will have a did:3 or a did:pkr ID, whereas
// organiozations may have a did:web ID
"dids": [
"did": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco"
// Disco user handle
"handle": "Disco",
// Link to user's avatar
"avatarUri": "https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1544599788464766976/Ib49kkdh_400x400.jpg",
// User bio
"bio": "Disco's ecosystem is build around our Verifiable Data Registry.",
// The User's DID and accossiated Ethereum Address
"ethAddress": "0x08936438bfb8e9b269f978d5327ad687f47g8c08",
// External account links that the user has linked to one their Disco DIDs
"links": [
"accountType": "Discord",
// Linked account handle
"handle": "Disco#1234",
// Verified by Disco
"verified": true,
// The user DID the linked to the account
"did": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco",
"proof": "https://discord.com/channels/947857036257935390/975763597529600041/1078306074618236980"
"accountType": "Twitter",
"handle": "DiscoXYZ",
"verified": true,
"did": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco",
"proof": "https://twitter.com/DiscoXYZ/status/1667219955002032136"

Verifiable Credentials

A Verifiable Credential (aka Credential) is a set of one or more (tamper-evident) claims made by someone or something. Credentials includes an identifier and properties such as issuer, type, subject, issuance date. The credential claim is assigned a proof in that it's cryptographically signed by the issuer (who may or may not be the owner of the signing key).
An example of a Verifiable Credential document:
"vc": {
"@context": [
// The Credential type(s) which declare what data (schema) to expect
// in the Credential. The second item in the array is waht's interesting
// to most. The first item (VerifiableCredential) is more of a formality.
"type": [
// Who (or what) that issued the credential. Note this could be the DID for an
// individual or an organization.
"issuer": {
"id": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco"
// When the credential was issued.
"issuanceDate": "2023-09-29T18:28:00.853Z",
// The unique identifier for the Credential.
"id": "https://api.disco.xyz/credential/de5eb800-a023-483b-88a2-39a062fec13e",
// Detailed claims about the subject of the Credential. These details varies based
// on the credential type (i.e., credential schema, see below).
"credentialSubject": {
// Identifier for the subject of the credential (in many use cases this is the
// same as the recipient identifier).
"id": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/jane",
// Assertions about the subject of the credential
"memberId": "123XYZ",
"membershipDescription": "Demo membership to showcase Disco API",
"membershipLevel": "Permanent",
"membershipType": "Developer",
"organization": "Disco.xyz"
// The credential schema that represents the credential type.
"credentialSchema": {
"id": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/discoxyz/disco-schemas/main/json/MembershipCredential/1-0-0.json",
"type": "JsonSchemaValidator2018"
// Digital proof that makes the credential tamper-evident. Disco uses
// EIP-712 or JWT.
"proof": {
// The identifier of the public key that can verify the signature.
"verificationMethod": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco#controller",
"created": "2023-09-29T18:28:00.870Z",
"proofPurpose": "assertionMethod",
// Signed with EIP-712. Also support JWT.
"type": "EthereumEip712Signature2021",
"proofValue": "0xa0c0552a9d58b030e4f8a .... 621ee0f671a85e3bc1f7970c53a1b",
"eip712Domain": {
"domain": {
"chainId": 1,
"name": "Disco Verifiable Credential",
"version": "1"
"messageSchema": {...},
"primaryType": "VerifiableCredential"
// If isPublic is false the credential is only accessible to the issuer
// and recipient.
"isPublic": true,
// The DID for whom or what issued the credential.
"issuer": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/disco",
// The DID for whom or what recieved the credential.
"recipient": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/jane",
// The DID for the subject of the credential (most cases the same as the recipient).
"subject": "did:web:api.disco.xyz/v1/jane",
// Disco supported schemas can be found at https://github.com/discoxyz/disco-schemas
"schema": "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/discoxyz/disco-schemas/main/json/MembershipCredential/1-0-0.json",
"genId": "440994e8-fa9a-494c-83cd-2732f8c0cdba",
"updatedAt": "2023-09-29T18:28:00.877Z"
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