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This document provides an overview of using Web3 wallets, the flavors that exist, and what we recommend.

Wallet recommendation

For ease of use, we recommend the following:
Please be sure to exercise caution and NEVER share your private keys or seed phrases with anyone!
To enjoy the full range of Disco capabilities, you'll need a web3 wallet, also known as a crypto wallet. While some describe it as a digital version of your physical wallet that stores items like cash and gift cards, this isn't entirely accurate. In reality, a web3 wallet stores your private key, which is the most crucial thing to keep secure while navigating the decentralized web.
Your private key is sometimes referred to as the seed phrase and serves as a unique, private way for you to access and manage digital assets. It's essential to write down your seed phrase and keep it somewhere safe, and private. Losing or forgetting it can result in losing access to your assets because there is no way to recover a seed phrase (although many UX improvements are making this process better every day). So, remember to store your private key securely to safeguard your digital identity and assets.

Different wallet flavors​ (chains)

Web3 wallets come in various types. Each blockchain like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Solana usually requires a different wallet because they use different data formats and keys. Wallets can also come in different forms such as hardware devices, mobile apps, or browser extensions.
For Disco, we support and recommend using Metamask on Chrome for desktop, and Zerion for mobile. These two wallets are the most widely used web3 wallets in the Ethereum ecosystem. Using Metamask and Zerion will provide the best experience for interacting with Disco, enabling you to enjoy all of its features seamlessly.

Getting started with Metamask​​

Metamask offers two products: a browser extension and a mobile app. We recommend using the Metamask browser extension.
To install the Metamask browser extension, go to the Metamask page on the Chrome Web Store and download it into your browser. The extension is compatible with browsers such as Google Chrome and Brave.
Metamask browser extension

Getting started with Zerion mobile app

  1. 1.
    Download the Zerion mobile app on iOS or Android​
  2. 2.
    Follow the instructions on the screen to either create a new wallet or import an existing one
Zerion mobile app
Once connected, you’ll have one place to manage every wallet, seed phrase, and private key you own regardless of where you first created it. Use the wallet to place trades on any network, manage your multichain portfolio, and store your NFTs.
In addition to the Zerion Smart Wallet, Zerion supports most major Web3 wallets including hardware wallets, mobile wallets, and browser extension wallets.
More details here.​

Storing your private seed phrase

Once you have installed the Metamask browser extension, you will need to set it up by following the instructions provided. During the setup process, you will need to create a password and generate a Secret Recovery Phrase, which is also known as a Seed Phrase.
The Secret Recovery Phrase is extremely important because it serves as your private key, allowing you to access all the things that your Private Keys control, such as your cryptocurrency or your Disco profile. Therefore, it is crucial to take extreme care of it.
To ensure its safety, write down the Seed Phrase on paper, making sure the words are in the correct order, and store it in a safe and private place. In case of an unforeseen event such as a computer crash, you can use the Secret Recovery Phrase to reinstall Metamask on a new computer and regain access to your assets.