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Important terminology for developers using the Disco API
  • Decentralized Identifier (DID) The Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) is a new type of globally unique identifier designed to enable individuals and organizations to generate their own identifiers using systems they trust. DIDs enable entities to prove control over them by authenticating using cryptographic proofs such as digital signatures. A DID is a simple text string consisting of three parts:
  • DID Method is the mechanism by which a particular type of DID and its associated DID document are created, resolved, updated, and deactivated. Disco supports did:3, did:web and did:pkh.
  • Verifiable Credential is a tamper-evident credential that has authorship that can be cryptographically verified. The claims in a credential can be about different Subjects.
  • Credential schema of a credential type is evaluated by the verifier according to the schema definition and the verifier's own schema evaluation criterias.
  • Issuer is a person or organization that have issued the Verifiable Credential.
  • Verifier is an entity that verifies if the credential is authentic and valid. Typically, they’ll ensure that it is legitimate, tamper-proof, and is still relevant on the requested date.
  • Recipient is a person or organization that recieved and hold the Verifiable Credential.
  • Subject is what the claim is made about. For example, a person (the Subject) is assigned a membership. The Subject may, or may, not be the Recipient.
  • Claim is an assertion about a subject. For example, a person is assigned a membership (a Claim).