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Issuer Dashboard

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Issuer Dashboard

The Issuer Dashboard provides you with the ability to Create Drops 💧, view identity data about your ecosystem, and sign credentials with keys that you control. Create an account to become an issuer here.


The Dashboard empowers growth leaders and brands with a next-generation dashboard that seamlessly integrates actionable user insights with immersive experiences that increase user engagement.


Keys that you control
  • Issuers sign credentials with key that they control
Customize Credentials
  • Issuers can customize credential that will be claimed and used by your eligible users
  • Issuers can set an Allowlist based on an eth address
  • Issuers are able to search by social handles, eth address, or Decentralized Identifier (DID)
  • Issuers are able gain valuable insights into their user base by visualizing the geographic distribution of Drops participants (more data in the future)

Create Drops 💧

Drops is a friendly way to choose a schema, design a credential, and create a custom link for others to collect that credential.
Create a Drop
To become an Issuer, create an account here.

Upcoming Features

Coming Soon:
  • Email login
  • Onchain data
  • Crosschain Insights