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What is a wallet?


This document provides an overview of using Web3 wallets, the flavors that exist, and the one we recommend using, Metamask.

To get onto the Disco dance floor and visit all the other wonderful places in the Metaverse™ you need a wallet.

You might see these wallets described as digital versions of your physical wallet: a place where you keep things like cash, ID cards, gift cards, etc. But that isn’t accurate. Despite the name, a web3 wallet doesn’t store your money. It stores your private key. Your private key is the absolute, most important thing to keep safe during your Web3 escapades.

This is also known as the seed phrase. PLEASE remember to write this down! If you lose or forget this, you may not be able to recover your assets.

Different wallet flavors

There are a few different types of Web3 wallets. Different blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Solana typically use different wallets because these systems use different types of data formats and keys. Additionally, wallets might come in several forms, such as hardware devices, mobile apps, or browser extensions.

In the case of Disco, we currently support and recommend using Metamask on Chrome. Metamask is the most popular web3 wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem. It will give you the best experience for interacting with Disco.

Getting started with Metamask

Metamask offers two different products: a browser extension and a mobile app. While interacting with Disco during our Beta, we recommend using the Metamask browser extension.

You can install the Metamask browser extension into browsers like Google Chrome and the Brave browser. Head to the Metamask page on the Chrome Web Store to download and install Metamask into your browser.

Continuing your journey

Metamask will guide you through its setup where you will primarily do two important things:

  • Create a password

  • Generate a Secret Recovery Phrase (sometimes referred to as a Seed Phrase).

    • This Secret Recovery Phrase is your private key for all intents and purposes, so take extreme care of it. Write your seed phrase down on paper, with the words in the correct order, and store it somewhere safe and private. Suppose your laptop spontaneously combusts or something terrible happens to it. In that case, you can use your Secret Recovery Phrase to install a new version of Metamask onto a new computer and regain access to all the things that the Private Keys controls, like your cryptocurrency or your Disco profile.