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🎉 Welcome!

Want to jump in and get started? You’re in exactly the right place! These are some setup steps that you'll need to take first to ensure you'll be up and running smoothly with Disco.

Think of this as your accessories and outfit before you hit the dance floor!

✨ Introduction

Disco is your data backpack, where you can stash your private data in a way that’s owned and controlled by you. For a more in-depth overview, see Disco Introduction🔮

⚙️ Setup (5 min)

The following steps will help you get organized before setting up your data backpack. If you’ve already created your wallet and DID already, feel free to skip to the next section and create your Data Backpack: Getting Started with Disco!

You will need:

  • Password: the password to join the private beta website. You can find this in your invitation.
  • Twitter account: your twitter account must be public
  • Profile image (optional)
    • The image URL for your profile picture. It must be hosted somewhere else like Twitter
    • To obtain the URL of your Twitter profile picture:
      • Go to your twitter profile page
      • Click on your profile image
      • Right click on the image to display a menu. Then, select Copy Image Address
  • Banner image: (optional) the image URL for your profile’s banner image
    • To get the URL of a banner image:
      • Go to the website or page where the image is hosted (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, etc!)
      • Right click on the image to display a menu.
      • Select Copy Image Address
  • Metamask: Metamask wallet on desktop extension or mobile app. If this is your first time using Metamask, follow the steps below to create a new address:

How do I create a new address within Metamask?

  1. Open Metamask, click on the Avatar button at the top right to see My Accounts
  2. Select + Create Account in the dropdown menu ****
  3. Give your new account a name and click the Create button

Voila, that's it! Pretty simple right? Now you're ready to create your Data Backpack in the next step here.