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Community Management: Guild.xyz Integration

Community Management Tools: Guild.xyz Integration

GM! We’re so pleased to announce that we have shipped our first integration with Guild! You can NOW extend the power of token-gating your community with verifiable credentials, which are completely free and all off-chain!
You can read more about guild here.
By integrating Disco and Guild.xyz, you can now easily:
  • Using Verifiable Credentials, you can now gate any of the following (see instructions that follow):
  • Use AND/OR logic to extend on-chain checks to customize roles and access restrictions even further (NFT ownership, DAO Membership, etc).

Join our Guild

Check if you have access to join our very first pilot guild here.
If you have an OfficialDisconautCredential marked public, you should be able to access a private Google Doc, Github Repo, and get a role in our Discord Server.
Leave us a surprise, don't be shy!

Extending This

Imagine the endless possibilities!
You can use the AND/OR logic to extend requirements such as a credential and:
  • Another type of VC.
  • Must follow an account on Twitter
  • Must have X amount of an ERC-20 Token
  • Must hold an NFT.
We’ll also be adding more schemas soon. For additional requests and questions you may have, reach out to us at: [email protected].

Video Demo

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