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Disco Web App (Data Backpack)


New Features

  • Global Search for a backpack - You can now search for a backpack via its DID, linked Eth Address, Twitter, Discord and Domain.
  • Explore Page - Highlighting 10 Disco backpacks to visit and interact with. Send GMs to them anyone :)
  • VC Encryption - All VCs in your inbox and sent box will now be encrypted on ceramic and only decrypted when you make them public. All VCs previously marked as public will be private to encrypt them.
  • Slide Out App Navigation - You can navigate to the home page, explore page, profile settings, docs and to ask for help.
  • User Nav - Displays Wallet Address, connected wallet, and links to edit and a view of your public backpack.
  • Claim a Credential via a web link - Generated when you issue a credential to an Eth Address that is not linked to a backpack.
  • Feedback Form - Now you can share feedback on the app by filling out a 5 min survey.
  • Support for Boys Club Organizational Credentials