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Credential Gating with Guild 🕺 🤝 🏰

GM! We’re so pleased to announce that we have shipped our first integration with Guild! You can NOW extend the power of token-gating your community with verifiable credentials, which are completely free and all off-chain!

You can read more about guild here.


By integrating Disco and, you can now easily:

  • Upon detection of a Verifiable Credential, gate access to any combination of:
  • Use AND/OR logic to extend on-chain checks to customize roles and access restrictions even further (NFT ownership, DAO Membership, etc).

Integration steps

Let's see just how easy it is to get started using Disco and Guild.

In the following steps, we'll walk you through gating access to a relevant resource if the users have an OfficialDisconautCredential issued during onboarding. (Full steps and instructions on creating a data backpack here).

Note: Users will be required to mark their credential as public so that the API will be able to query it. This is like implicit consent ;)

  1. Create guild.

    Indicate whether you want to gate a Github repo, Telegram group, Discord channel, or Google doc. Or a combination of any!

    Choose your own adventure below.

    Follow the instructions to complete the OAuth handshake and login with the particular service, and link the relevant resource.

  2. Connect Resource.

    In this example, we'll gate access to a private Github Repo. We only want members with the Disconaut Credential to have access to this repo.

  1. Add Integration.

    Let’s make it so that we only grant access to people with a certain type of Credential in their Disco Data Backpack. Click on Add Requirements. Under the List of Integrations, select Disco.

  2. Add the Credential Requirement.

    Under Credential Type, you’ll need to fill in the exact type of Credential you’d like to be checking for. Ensure that you type the exact credential the way it’s spelled: OfficialDisconautCredential, MembershipCredential and optionally, the Issuer DID!

    We'll check for the OfficialDisconautCredential below.

  1. Hit Save, and now you have a community gating resources by Verifiable Credentials! You can now distribute this link, and people can check if they have access by connecting their wallet.

Demo Video for Telegram Access

Here's a video demo of gating access to a Telegram Group:

Join our Guild

Check if you have access to join our very first pilot guild here.

If you have an OfficialDisconautCredential marked public, you should be able to access a private Google Doc, Github Repo, and get a role in our Discord Server.

Leave us a surprise, don't be shy!

Extending This

Imagine the endless possibilities!

You can use the AND/OR logic to extend requirements such as a credential and:

  • Another type of VC.
  • Must follow an account on Twitter
  • Must have X amount of an ERC-20 Token
  • Must hold an NFT.

We’ll also be adding more schemas soon. For additional requests and questions you may have, reach out to us at:

See you in the Metaverse! ™